Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jesuit parachutists dressed as nuns

The inimitable Gerald Warner has his own take on the FCO memo debacle on The Telegraph blogs site.

Here is a taster:

As mosques, sometimes hosts to militant jihadists, rear their minarets in British cities, the native population is still fearfully scanning the skies for Jesuit parachutists dressed as nuns with snow on their boots. “Sink me the ship, master gunner… Fall into the hands of God/Not into the hands of Spain.” Zzzzz… The infantilism of the anti-Catholic myth, once an Anglican prejudice, persists today in the agenda of secularists. That was the real point behind the Foreign Office document – not the immediate offence, but the mindset it betrayed.
 The whole article is here and it's worth a read.