Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Masons and the Ordinariate

There is a short but succinct letter from Fr Ashley Beck in the 14 January 2011 edition of the Catholic Herald which says:

Sir - Presumably someone is inquiring whether Anglican clergy and lay people intending to join the ordinariate are Freemasons. It would be a bit of an anti-climax if, having been received into the Catholic Church, some were unable to receive Communion later in the Mass."
Fr Beck is an ex-Anglican clergyman and the author of the CTS booklet Freemasonry and the Christian faith. He knows the nature of the beast so to speak.

Anglicans aside, there are a few "good" Catholics who could do with being reminded that Freemasonry is utterly incompatible with Catholicism and that Catholics may not be Freemasons (irrespective of what Fr Tie Dye may say!)


Anonymous said...

You are wise to be concerned. Even the new Ordinary Fr Keith Newton has permitted a 'Masonic Evensong' in at least one of his parishes while he was Bishop of Richborough - Oct 2009 in St Mary de Castro church:

How many other of the 'Flying Bishops' parishes did these take place?