Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why I won't be wearing a poppy

I have two grandparents that fought in World War II and at least one great-grandfather that fought in WWI. I'm told that they, and their comrades, fought and died in those wars because they were opposed to fascism.
So why am I obliged to wear a poppy? Who are the Royal British Legion and their fascist supporters who insist that I wear their poppy?

Why am I viewed as some kind of screwball for pointing out that the history of the "British" Army is lined with the millions of corpses of British colonialism from Ireland and Scotland (nearly a century ago) to modern day Afghanistan and Iraq? 

Why should I wear the bloodstained poppy and support their poppy appeal when the money from their collection tins goes to line the pockets of the Bloody Sunday murderers?

Help for Heroes indeed!

Why should I accept that my children will be brainwashed at school into accepting their "Poppy Day" myth?

Their meaning of "hero" seems to be very different to mine and that difference seems to increase every year.

The jingoism that has accompanied the debate this week between FIFA and the English FA sums it up. In short, the poppy is a symbol of the collective acts of the British Army that would "shame all the devils in hell".

If you have to wear a poppy wear a white one.

After all, if Margaret Thatcher has expressed her "deep distaste" for the white poppy it must be the right thing to do!


Scout said...

I can understand how you feel. Personally I buy and wear a poppy every year, but I strongly dislike the sense of pressure there seems to be to "wear a poppy or else!" It is good to commemorate those who suffered and died...but there is also a risk, I think, that in honouring the war dead, sometimes we cross the line into glorifying war. War is horrible. And you're right - the British army's history has not always been noble.

Those white poppies are interesting. One year I was offered once and bought it, wearing a white poppy and a red poppy at the same time.

Gareth Hurley Blog said...

I do wear a poppy, for those who died [including family].

But I do understand those who don't and i think "forcing" people to [on tv etc.] is wrong.

I also feel sickened when war mongers and those who promote wars [Blair and Murdoch] wear POppies, as they have killed more servicemen and civilians than any "terrorists" of any kind.

I am not a pacifist [Just War being Catholic doctrine], I just wonder how many wars in recent years were Just.

Not many...

AvantiBev said...

As an Italo American who survived a child hood on the IRISH (celtic druid) southwest side of Chicago while Prince Jack sat on his Oval Office throne and King Richard reigned in Chi town, I wear BRIGHT RED on March 17th to remind me there is only 2 days left to prepare for the Festa of San Giuseppe. I use green/white/orange toilet paper.

As for JUST WARs that is always so funny coming from you self righteous Celts who sent your boyos to fight against the Risorgimento's a truly JUST cause to unite our patria. But you boo hoo about suffering under British occupation.