Monday, February 22, 2010

Good news story for a change!

There is a quite remarkable story on theblogprof blog.

Here's a story that has received a total unwavering media blackout. A woman was going in to have an abortion at a local butcher shop in Duluth, and was confronted by two pro-life protesters that urged her not to kill her baby. The woman was so angry that she brandished a knife and held it to one of the pro-life protester's throat. She was of course arrested for aggravated assault. That much the MSM may tell you, but it is the epilogue that caused an raised eyebrow. In court, the woman plead guilty to assault, but also, with tears streaming down her face, thanks the pro-life protester for saving her baby's life!
Have a look at the whole story here, it really is quite something.

h/t: Creative Minority Report