Friday, May 21, 2010

Abortions R Us

Giles Pinnock at One Timothy four blog has a good commentary on Channel 4 taking blood money from the abortionists at Marie Stopes.

He also has 5 good suggestions:

1) Sign the petition against the Channel 4 abortion advert.
2) Contact Channel 4 in advance and after the ads are screened to protest:
Channel 4 Enquiries
PO Box 1058
BT 1 9DU
Phone: (44) (0) 845 076 0191
Email using the webform page
3) Complain to the Advertising Standards Authority, the web site of which carries this rather mealy-mouthed statement.
4) Join the Society of the Protection of Unborn Children.
5) Contribute to and promote the work of LIFE, a charity which offers free, confidential information, counselling and support for women contemplating abortion, suffering after pregnancy loss or struggling to cope after abortion, and can can also provide financial and practical help and support before and after birth.