Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Catholics unfazed by child abuse

Well if the red tops can make up misleading headlines so can this blog.

What the title should say is "Practicing Catholics unfazed by abuse scandals; Pope’s popularity increasing" as per this report on

I'm not really surprised by the findings as it's evident that the Church is serious and has been serious for some time now about safeguarding children and other vulnerable people. I am, however, rather disturbed (but again not surprised) by these two items:

  • the majority of Catholics (54%) believe that the Vatican is “out of touch” with Catholics, while 60% believe that local priests are “in touch”

  • <....>

  • 58% of practicing Catholics say that they “would let priests marry”; a smaller majority (54%) “would allow women priests”

  • Read the whole report on the Catholic Culture website.