Wednesday, October 6, 2010

St Bruno and happy birthday!

6 October is the memorial of St Bruno, priest and founder of the Carthusians. It is also the birthday of this blog which has been online for one year today. I suppose it's therefore appropriate to place the blog under his co-patronage henceforth!

According to the Divine Office entry, St Bruno was:

Born at Cologne about the year 1035. After being educated at Paris and ordained priest, he taught theology; but wanting to lead the life of a solitary he founded the monastery of La Grande Chartreuse. He was called to Rome by Pope Urban II to be his adviser and helper in the needs of the Church. He died at Squillace in Calabria in the year 1101.


breadgirl said...

Hello St Malachy

A very Happy Birthday to you! We are almost twins! I celebrated my first year of blogging on 4th October, the Feast of St Francis of Assisi. Also a great day to venture into the unknown - which blogging was to me one year ago. I am still no expert but I have learned a lot and I am happy that I took the plunge. I hope you are too.

Keep on blogging and God bless you.