Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Labour Party and family friendly policy

The election of Ed Miliband as Labour leader shows exactly how far the moral compass of Britain has skewed from centre.

Presumably Miliband has been chosen as leader because the Labour Party (or at least the unions) believe he can lead the party back into government. In other words Labour believe Miliband is electable.

Here’s where the moral issue arises. Ed has a “partner” - Justine Thornton – not a wife. Ed and Justine have a son, born July 2009, and they're expecting their second child in November. Now it may very well be that Ed and Justine are very happy together and it may very well be that they are committed to each other but they are not married.

Clearly the Labour Party doesn’t think it matters to the Great British public that Ed and Justine will soon have two children without being married and the statistics seem to show they are right. After all nearly half of children in England and Wales are born out of wedlock.

And so the Labour Party firmly nail their real family policy colours to the mast.

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